Her Style = To Die For

The first timeI got to learn about The Divine Lee was of the video in youtube wherein she surprised lover Victor Basa during Valentines Day. I found the video really sweet and so, I got to know of their relationship.
And so I have met Ms. Divine Lee together with boyfriend, Victor Basa at the recently concluded Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011. I was never really a fan of any of the two, but as they got up the escalator, I was starstruck! From then on, I became a fan. Simply because of Ms. D’s style and to die for heels, and Victor Basa’s simple yet POGI style!
So here are the photo’s that would definitely make you fall in love with Ms. D’s Style! πŸ™‚

First photo: I so love her shoes here, and I wonder, it must be so difficult to walk in those heels and I admire Ms. D more because of her outfit here! And the heels of course is by Kermit Tesoro, one of Philippine’s most talented designer! Kudos to the Philippine Fashion Industry!

Second photo: It is of course every ladies dream to own a designer’s purse or bag, but of course, Ms. D is one of many to afford as many as she would want! And I myself fell in love of the leopard print dress! πŸ™‚

Third photo: Ms. Divine Lee is such a doll with this pink dress! πŸ™‚ Simple yet elegant, especially worn with YSL heels.

Fourth photo: And I personally saw Ms. D wear this outfit at the Philippine Fashion Week. And those DSQUARED Skeleton heels was again, to die for and everyone who saw it felt envious about it! But who wouldn’t notice the shining shimmering with a touch of lace red dress? Adorable!
So now I’m sure, you now understand why I love Ms. D πŸ™‚

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  1. woooow she replied to your post!!

    i'm following her tumblr and twitter, and i can say she's one of those models/celebs that are very friendly to fans and supporters πŸ™‚ kudos to her for staying humble πŸ˜€


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