Curly hair is sexy!

Today, I was supposed to attend a friend’s wedding and was actually really having a hard time deciding if I should curl my hair or just straighten it. Well if you ask me, the length of my hair still have problems when it comes to curling it. It’s either it’s so sabog or just fine. But when I asked in twitter if I should have it curled or straightened, one follower answered “curly” and so I did. To my surprise, it turned out to be perfect!! The curls were just perfect that it made my day!! And when I uploaded this photo on facebook, friends started to comment on how I look like Alondra – Ms. Lorna Tolentino in Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin and/or Maricel Soriano. Hahaha!
When I was a child, my real hair was curly.. Like Goldilocks’ curls which was really cute – well, when I was a kid. But when I reached the teenage stage, and rebonded hair was kind of in style, I had my hair rebonded. Well, I wanted my hair straight at that time because curly hair was just so nakakasawa! And now that I’ve had straight hair in a long time, I want my hair to grow more and then have it curled.. because now I find it SEXY!
And now, Top 2 celebrities with the sexiest curls for me!! 🙂

Since I loved my curls today.. I might as well curl it tomorrow for my date with my honeybunch at SM MOA. We’re going to watch The Hangover 2!! And I’m hella excited! 😀