DLSU turns 100

I am one outsider that is very much excited about De La Salle University turning 100 tomorrow! Haha. Well, my sister is a froshie at DLSU and so, we both get the chance to celebrate because she’s bringing me with her tomorrow!! 🙂
Well, La Salle have prepared one grand and exciting program for tomorrow’s once in a lifetime event! And what I am very much excited about is their Centennial Bazaar – means lots of food, accessories and clothes for sale. And from what I have heard from The Fashionista Commuter Blog, I wanna try the Harry Potter Stall and the Nail Art Booths!! But of course, I will definitely drop by Ana’s Booth!! Lot’s of accessories to choose from!!!
And as you can see with all the exclamation points, I am psyched about tomorrow!! Who else will be there, let’s meet please? See you!! 🙂

PS. Wear Green! I have my Animo shirt, sis bought it for me 😀