The Kermit Tesoro

Kermit Tesoro is a rising fashion designer from the Philippines who displays a not-so-simple line in almost all of his collections. But as for me, my number 1 love from his line are his shoes!! 🙂

Now I’m sure that these are very much familiar to most of use who have been to the Philippine Fashion Week. My first and last for the meantime that I have attended was the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 Collections and I must say that the first time I layed my eyes on these heel-less shoes, I just died of envy!

Yes, I have seen these shoes in person when I saw Ms. Divine Lee wearing it in PFW. I swear, I was very much curious on how they were able to walk in these and I simply adore them for doing so!

If I’m not mistaken, this pair of Kermit Tesoro’s was featured in Lady Gaga X Gilt.

The others would be the “Skulls Heels” where you would see a small skull head in the upper part of the heel.

But of course, this would have to be my favourite of all. I just love the details in this pair. The color just brings out the beauty and the design is just love!!

Well, if you’re wondering on where you can get a pair.. The Kermit Tesoro Online Shop is now up! If I’m not mistaken, Only 50 designs are up with one pair each of every size.

So go get yours now! Visit to grab a pair!

xx, Anna
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