The natural look.

I have been using my graduation picture in my resume for the past months of applying in companies both in Manila and here in Dubai. But ever since I had my interview with Deloitte M.E., the interviewer, a Pinoy was so nice enough to give me tips on my next interviews and told me about the need for a more corporate passport size resume picture.
I got ready for this even so if only my dad would be taking the photo because all my passport pictures were a massive fail. You know how most photographers would only take like 2 shots and then it still is a problem because you actually sucked in both and you can’t really request to take more shots for more choices.. so yeah. I wanted this one to be ideally pretty.
And so I took in all the trouble doing my make up and fixing my hair for this passport picture. Of course I didn’t need to dress up because all I need was a blazer to look corporate enough because what’s important is the face and the limit of the picture would be until the neck only.
So this is the outcome of my effort (hair and make up):

Well, cosmetics used would be:

1) Johnsons & Johnson Pressed Powder;
2) Nichido Concealer;
3) The eyeshadow, eyebrows, blush on all came from my Mikyajy Palette;
4) Maybelline mascara and eyeliner;
5) Revlon natural shade lipstick

And now for a closer look.. I really love the outcome of my eyes!! So pretty.. And until now I haven’t wore them off coz I’m just so proud of myself. I see myself as a potential professional MUA! Might as well practice more make up and I might just start on doing make up tutorials here on my blog!! And if I get requests of course, the more interested I am to do tutorials πŸ™‚
I’m also an expert when it comes to styling hair πŸ™‚ I can do curls to simple natural waves even with my medium length hair! Hahaha :)) Well since the shoot is for professional and corporate purposes, decided to just straighten my hair.
xx, Anna
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