Gifts from F:forFashion X Benetton UAE

And so last night, I went to Dubai Mall with my parents to claim the gifts I won from F:forFashion, one of Dubai’s known Fashion Blogger.
The box itself was big and heavy and I was just ecstatic by the weight! My papa and mama would even tell me that what he’s giving is just a tote bag with Benetton written on it. But to their surprise (well I knew what I was going to get), it was more!
So I got this Sisley leather bag and the scarf as well.
After seeing what I got, I got to explain to my parents how bloggers and giveaways work and that I love joining coz you’ll never know, you might just get lucky and win stuffs all the time! What made me laugh was when my mom thought of blogging as her hobby! Haha. Ohwell, love my new bag!! 🙂

xx, Anna
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