Inspiration: The Twenties Girl

I’m currently hooked with reading Twenties Girl by Sophie Kinsella and just to make all of you understand..

Sadie Lancaster, Great Aunt to Lara Lington (lead character in the book) dies at age 105 but her spirit of 23 years old is friends with Lara as she seeks help in finding her necklace before she leaves Earth for good. But before they went off to find the necklace, Sadie longs to dance with a man for one last time and forces Lara to ask Ed Harrison for a date and will go as Sadie would if she were still alive and young. So as Sadie pleases, Lara is brought to dress up like those girls in the 1920s. With everything, from her hair to make up to her outfit (dress and shoes), bought in a Fashion Vintage Shop along the streets of London.

Of course, with the vivid description of Sophie Kinsella in the book of how Lara looked like, I was then fascinated by it that I just had to research and blog about Fashion in the 1920s.

1920s Fashion

1920s fashion clearly defined it’s self as the fashion of the modern era. This period became known as the “Roaring 20s”. World War 1 was finally over; art and creative expression were alive again, and with it came new and colorful fabrics and materials. The roaring 20’s was an era that saw the Harlem Renaissance, ladies voting and a sudden increase in affluence for the middle-class. Hats, shoes, dresses, handbags and jewelry all complemented each other, creating a classy style that was both unique and harmonious. To get the full impact of this style it needs to be seen in living color as black and white photographs simply don’t do it justice.
They actually say that the 1920s Fashion were a sign of Liberation compared to those of the restrictive tubular dresses in the 1910s. This is because the 1920s fashion for women incorporated them with shorter styles with pleats, slits and turned to more comfortable clothing such as shorts pants and skirts.

1920s Hair and Make Up
The poufy hair styles of the 1910s were gone as women started trimming their hair. More modern and stylish cuts such as the Bob Cut, the Marcel Wave, the Eton Crop or shingled styling’s increased in acceptance and popularity. Those that resisted this trend would often draw their hair back and knot it with a chignon. 1920s Fashion Accessories To accompany evening wear, headbands or Spanish hair combs would often hold the knotted chignons in place. The Bob hair style was made popular in the U.S. by Irene Castle and actress Louise Brooks and to this day is still referred to in jokes, cartoons and movies.
For 1920s, makeup was simple: Cream rouge circling the cheekbones, eyebrows plucked and thinly penciled in and pale powder. Vivid red lipstick was used to emphasize the “Cupid’s bow” of the upper lip, and to exaggerate the width of the “P” on the lower lip. Thus creating what we now know as the “Rosebud Pout”.

1920s fashion was a great launching pad for the fashions of the 30s and 40s.
Will blog about them soon!