Where the big boys at.

WHAT: Dubai International Motor Show 2011
WHEN: November 13, 2011
WHERE: Dubai World Trade Center
Well the title actually says it all! That this post will be about the toys for the big boys (Hindi bagay sakin)! Haha.
But anyway, I may be a girl with honestly not that interested with cars – I was definitely amazed by how cool the cars were!! And that awkward moment of not having any idea how to drive but wanted to have each off the cool cars. Haha.

Pictures of babies I would love to own – even just in my dreams will do!

Sports cars!! ♥

Last photo op! First place 😀 Yay! Oh, and it was also the day of the final race for Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi.
Next Dubai International Motor Show is on 2013! Hoping to see it together with boyfriend since he’s very much crazy about cars! So how was your Sunday? 🙂