Christmas 2011

Christmas Eve: 24 Dec 2011
Christmas Eve was of course the usual where we have Noche Buena with the whole family eats and open gifts when the clock strikes 12, we open gifts!! 🙂

We had; Home made Salmon Nigiri, Shrimps, Spaghetti, and Grilled Salmon. (Not on the photo) Gelatin and Leche Flan 🙂

And the clock strikes 12, MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! 😀
Time for Opening of gifts!! 😀
Gift from the boyfriend. A Starbucks 2012 Planner 😀
Our parents’ gift for us!! 😀
I got an iPhone4S!! 😀 Yipee ^_^ 
 Btw, sis got a new purple laptop! 😀 We both were so giddy about it that we ignored A Christmas Carol movie that we really planned on watching and just explored our gifts 😀
Now for a family photo! 🙂
God’s greatest gift! :”>
Christmas Day: 25 Dec 2011
Attended Mass at St. Mary’s Church and then went to DFC to do a bit of strolling and had dinner! 🙂

Our ever so loving parents!! :”>
 So, how was your Christmas? :”> Bet you all had a wonderful time. Next posts would be Outfit photos! 🙂
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