2012: 34/366 – Papa’s pre-birthday dinner

03 February 2012
Papa’s pre-birthday dinner at Chili’s, The Dubai Mall.
Not much happened that night since we were busy with moving to a new home, cancelling our old telephone and internet connection and applying to a new one to a different phone company, etc. Since nothing really special, we just had dinner! Papa treated us to whatever restaurant we wanted after the stress and exhaustion moving in gave us. Here’s a few pics of that night!

Mama and the man of the hour! ♥

Your’s truly! LOL

Oh, and we made sure we had heavy food that night!!! Was really full and my I-don’t-know-what-I’m-craving-for was more than satisfied! 🙂
Chicken Salad! Our favourite 🙂
Salmon and Shrimp Combo! is love.

Fajita Trio!! Served with flour tortillas, diced eggs, tomatoes, sour cream and guacamole paste.
And for dessert, Molten Chocolate Cake!! 🙂

After Papa’s celebration.. All I thought about was that I’m next! Yikes 😐

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