My Forever 21 moment

Yesterday the 14th, I celebrated my 21st birthday by having dinner with my parents, a bit shopping and of course.. the blowing of the birthday cake! 🙂
We had dinner at Chop Chop, Mall of the Emirates. It was our first time to eat at this restaurant and we are definitely coming back. It may be more pricey than P. F. Chang’s but I must say, WE LOVED everything about this restaurant and everything was just worth it. Great food, great service and great ambience and so.. I definitely had a great birthday dinner!

We ordered Chop Chop Platter (a platter of Chicken Satay, Friend Wontons and Vegetable Rolls), Cashew Chicken and Quick Fried Lamb Fillet. We had these dishes with Steamed rice and so we were able to taste each dish’s great flavor.

Top: Grape Cooler, Quick Fried Lamb Fillet
Below: Cashew Chicken, Chop Chop Platter
Happy me! 🙂
Papa and Mama! 🙂 ♥

My Tiramisu birthday cake from Barista! 

Make a wish, and blow! :”>

Dear Papa God, 

       I thank thee for everything! I thank you for another year of life. Another year, another step to fulfilling my dreams. Another year to experiencing more of what life has to offer, both good and bad. Another year of learning. Another year to spend with everyone I dearly love. If there’s one thing I would ask for, it would only be a lifetime of happiness with everyone so dear to me. I love you, and always will. 

xx, Anna