Shoe Relief.

I have never really liked wearing heels especially since I don’t really know how to walk with them on and it murders my feet even just 30mins wearing them. Well, of course I can accept and choose to wear heels only on special events and occasions but lately, when I see fashion bloggers post outfit photos and wear heels on a daily basis.. Man, NO.. I’ll die when I do that. But then again, we can’t really deny the fact that those killer heels have at least 30% impact on how your whole outfit will look like (since flats has this dull impression on outfits), my alternative are then are wedges! Yet again I admit that they make me too tall (and I’m not really used to standing so tall HAHA).. I just have to find another alternative, and TADA.. THANK YOU God for FLATFORMS!! 🙂
What I love about Flatforms is that they’re flat and are elevated only a few inches high!! Till then, I find them to be so comfortable and the height is not really hard to keep up with! Hihi
Anyway, if I were to choose which of these I would like to own.. It’s the Prada Flatform Shoes that Vice Ganda once wore in Showtime! 🙂
How about you? What do you think of Flatform Shoes? 🙂