Fly me to Paris!

Hello everyone! 🙂
Well,  as the title suggest.. I need your help (and even your family and friends if you can get them to) to fly me to Paris! It’s actually another competition that I never really planned on joining (likely, the more relative term is..”I just went with the flow”..) and was lucky enough to be pre-selected to be one of the 10 people who’ll be blessed enough with an all-expenses-paid trip to Paris.
First of all, I’d like to tell you all the story of how fate took me to join this competition! 😛
I’ve been a follower of Galeries Lafayette just recently when I myself voted for a friend who joined their competition yet I’m not really updated since I just come on facebook to chat with boyfriend and not (never to) check pages that I fanned. But last last Thursday, May 31st, since it was our usual to spend the night in Dubai Mall.. there’s a particular area where Papa would usually park but since there was a turn of events that for some reason they closed the entrance to it.. It lead us to the Galeries Lafayette area parking and there found a spot!
We went in (of course).. and then a filipino salesman suddenly appeared in front of me as soon as I stepped out of the escalator and told me stuffs about this competition! I was in my “Not So Worthy” outfit and I didn’t care less that I just went and had my photo taken since I didn’t need to buy or do anything than that and I can win a trip for 2 to Paris. After my shot, I just took the photo and went on. They told me to check out their page on the 5th (June) and when I did, I honestly I won’t be pre-selected.. But since I was, here I am! Asking everyone for their support to vote for me! 🙂
So here are step by step instructions to vote!
Step 1:
           Like Galeries Lafayette, Dubai on Facebook to access their Fashion is You tab.
Step 2:
           Search for my name (which is mispelled) – Ana P. and click on the VOTE 🙂

Step 3:
Confirm the pop-up page by clicking on Log In with Facebook. (I assure you, this is safe :P)

Step 4:
          SHARE! :”>

After voting.. Feel free to share some love and cheer by commenting on my entry!! 🙂 Hihi.
Thank you so much for those who have already voted!
For those who still haven’t.. Voting is until the 30th of June!