Travel Bucket List: 10 Places to see before 30

My mom always used to say that while I’m still single (civil status-ly speaking), I should do and buy things and visit places while I can and still have no one to feed and worry about and save up money for – meaning babies, family and all that kind of commitment. Although I plan to get married when I’m 26, babies are far off as 2 years from then (since I’d want to enjoy much of his company and yeah, maybe travel together! :D)
Since I am now 21 and I’m glad to say that hopefully by the end of 2012, I can finally cross out Paris off my bucket list since most of you know, I’ll be there around September for the biggest fashion event of the year by Galeries Lafayette Paris! 🙂 Might be just for days and no proper tour, seeing the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe would make my trip satifying already! Not to mention, I’ll be walking the runway 😉 
Anyway, I’d still include it here since it’s part of the Places to see before 30! 🙂

1. Paris, France
2. Hawaii
3. India
4. Fiji Island
5. London, UK
(Might visit this with him since he’d also been dreaming of coming here! :D)
6. Maldives

7. Rome, Italy

8. Kenya, Africa
Safari Tours!! 🙂


9. Santorini, Greece
Just a part of Greece I’d love to see!!

10. Vienna, Austria
Since those statues have always amazed me, seeing them would make me cry! LOL

So, what part of the world would you want to see? 🙂
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