Revlon Colourbust: A Product Review

Last Friday, the only stuff I was able to reward myself with was these babies, a haul of Revlon Colorburst Lip Butters and Gloss. Since I’m a big sucker for lipstick and have been splurging on MACs for the past months, the buy 2 get 1 promo from Lifestyle cosmetic brands definitely had me giddy!
To start off, I’m not really particular with any make-up brands’ new collection, launches, etc. and if I’m not mistaken, this Colourburst Collection by Revlon have been released by the end of 2011 and we’re already on the 2nd half of 2012, LOL. So yeah, about the review!
 Lipbutter 035 Candy Apple, Lipgloss 006 Strawberry Fraise, Lipbutter 001 Pink Truffle
001 Pink Truffle

Lipbutter 001 Pink Truffle
Pink Truffle Lip Butter (w/o flash)
Pink Truffle Lip Butter (w/ flash)
Lipbutter 001 – Pink Truffle is more of a natural shade. 
Although most would say that a natural shade would only be suitable during the day, I say that this too is perfect at night! Especially with a much more dark and defined eyes.
035 Candy Apple
Lipbutter 035 Candy Apple
Candy Apple Lip Butter (w/o flash)
Candy Apple Lip Butter  (w/ flash)
 Lipbutter 035 Candy Apple is more of a bright orange-red 🙂
It’s actually the type of natural red lips rather than those really obvious and matte ones.
Perfect for summer, especially for dolls out there who always goes for the easy day time look!!
035 Candy Apple + 006 Strawberry Fraise Gloss
Candy Apple Lip Butter with Strawberry Fraise Gloss (w/o flash)
Candy Apple Lip Butter with Strawberry Fraise Gloss (w/ flash)
Well as you can all see, the gloss added shimmer to the lip butter. It’s gloss made it more bright and pretty. The orange-red shade became more evident which is most likely 
  • Hydrates and moisturises lips (very creamy, and buttery accdg to ads)
  • Many colours and shades to choose from – 20 luscious shades to be exact
  • Reasonable price for an international make-up brand – AED48 for Lip Butters and AED50 for Lip Glosses
  • Perfect for those who aren’t into really bright and heavy lipsticks (like my officemate who felt really awkward with my MAC Russian Red on, LOL)
  • Doesn’t last long (which makes sense because it’s a balm like lippy)
  • No scent! And no sweet taste (likely to be expected since its too creamy and buttery, LOL)
Rating: 2 – Maybe a different shade 🙂

(1 – Will not repurchase; 2 – Might consider repurchasing; 3 – Will definitely repurchase again!)

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