Iftar Dinner at Galeries Lafayette – Dubai

Last Sunday, Mona of Galeries Lafayette Dubai hosted an Iftar get-together with all the winners of the Fashion Is You competition where we indulged in the many different cuisines served in Lafayette Gourmet. 
First things first, I’m sorry because I wasn’t able to take photos of the food that we had that made our tummies very happy that night. But here are some photos that I was able to grab from the Galeries Lafayette Dubai Facebook Page 😛

Appetizersss! 😉
Heaven on earth! Yummy deserts 😀

Second, lemme tell you a lil something about our host that night 🙂 .. I met Mona when I as a winner had to meet with her for styling and a tidbit discussion about visa arrangements. I loved how nice and sweet she was and even her styling skills amazed me because I can never come up (and pull-off) those outfits she came up with even with little to do with. LOL (Anyway, hi Mona! If you’re reading this ;)) 
About the dinner, I actually thought I was late because I came 30 mins after the said time but still, I was the third to come. Of course the food was excellent (as expected) and honestly, I thought I was going to be quiet the whole evening since I know for myself that I’m a socially-awkward type of person 😛 I prefer communicating with people online rather than talk face-to-face. HAHA. But the great thing was, since everyone was really nice.. and sweet and friendly, it was a night well spent 🙂
The fashionistas to conquer Paris this September!
Joanna and myself
Pye and Marta 🙂
Fashionably late-comers 😉 Nicholas and David
Zheena and Lucky 🙂
Lama 🙂
Definitely another unforgettable experience! Great food with greater company 🙂 It might be our first meeting but we definitely had fun and we just can’t tell you guys how excited we are about this awesome (and guessing, crazy) adventure that we’re going to have in Paris! 🙂 Then again, fingers crossed for all our visas to be approved soon! Especially first timers (like me) to apply for a Schengen Visa! 🙂
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