Feelin’ Sexy and Free!

This is just the usual outfit post but I just want to share with you guys how the first week has been treating me 🙂
Well it’s exactly a week left before I leave for my dreams to come true, and a whole lot more. HAHA! We all know that almost everyone (especially the fashion savvy) dreams of going to Paris, well that dream is what I’m talking about. I leave for Paris next week Monday and I am just so excited!! You know, that feeling of excitement rises when the day draws nearer and nearer. Oh well, my excitement has reached the middle level!! LOL About the “a whole lot more” it’s actually the chance to.. WALK IN THE RUNWAY – FOR THE BIGGEST FASHION EVENT – IN PARIS!! 
Now give me one stupid reason NOT to be excited for this! Hihi
Another thing that I’m so so excited about for this month (until November) is my Photography Course with OPPPS (Overseas Pinoy Professional Photographers Society). I’m not really into photography but since I run a blog and own a DSLR camera, I decided to join (with my Papa who’s really the one into photography) to give justice to the very pricey camera and my career in blogging (and soon, travelling)! 😀
And last but not the least, my sister is here in Dubai for a week 🙂 Yes, she still made it despite DLSU giving only days for term break because they had to have make up classes after the Habagat gave them a whole week’s rest for safety. Because she’s here, of course I got loads of pasalubong from her 😀 Hihi. And I shall blog about that later when I get the chance to use the desktop again like tonight when she’s out with friends! :))
About the outfit! 😀
Wore this to another weekend mania with my parents! Watched The Dark Knight Rises and kept remembering  Sheldon (from The Big Bang Theory) imitating Batman’s voice as he speaks with his mask on. LOL

Forever 21 Dress
Random Cape
Steve Madden Flats

And of course, my look for the night! 🙂
Loving my new blue liner from Mikyajy. And pair it with MAC Russian Red lips!
You lovin’ my recently dyed red hair? 😀

That’s all lovies!
Felt like I haven’t blogged in months with this chatterbox-self post, teehee.
So, how was the first week of the first -ber months treatin’ ya?
Winter and Christmas is indeed just around the corner!
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