A Review: Dashe Cosmetics 17-pc Professional Make-up Brushes

I have been wanting to have a new set of Professional Make-up brushes since I was actually planning on doing some freelance make-up artistry to make a portfolio for myself to submit to MAC if ever I get the chance to apply for a Professional Make-up Artist position. All the other brands and sets didn’t really match my taste since it’s either they’re too pricey or one particular brush that I need is not part of the set. That’s why when I browsed through the Zalora Catalogue, this Dashe 17-pc definitely caught my attention!!
What I needed was the (1) Stippling brush, (2) Contouring brush, (3) Foundation Brush, (4) Tapered Blending brush, and (5) Angle brush. So when I’d browse through other sets and products.. It’s either 1 or 2 brushes would not be included in the set but seeing this set by Dashe didn’t really have me long to decide. As soon as I saw it, I requested Loreto to buy it for me and with no hesitation.. HE DID 🙂 Very supportive indeed, and that’s one of the many reasons that make me love him more :”>
L-R: Foundation brush, Contouring brush, Flat top brush, Powder/Blush brush, Stippling brush 

L-R: Concealer brush, Bullet-head brush, Large Eye Shadow brush, Eye-blending Fluff brush, Small Eye Shadow brush

L-R: Retractable Lip brush, Fan brush, Dual-end Mascara and Eyeliner brush, Brow comb/brush, Eyebrow brush, Precise Concealer brush
This is the 17-pc Purple Silver Edition and the brushes are combination of Squirrel, Pony and Goat hair as mentioned in their website. To be honest, you’ll love and hate these brushes all at the same time!
Love it:

  1. They’re really affordable! All at P2,000.00.
  2. All the necessary brushes are all here meaning you can survive even with just this set.
  3. Can be used for both personal and commercial purposes
Hate it:
  1. Hair fall.. 😦 I’m not sure what really causes it because it’s not like I use it harshly but the very first time I used it, hair fall was unbearable 😦
Nonetheless, I love this set! I’m not one to regret things I buy but enjoy it instead! 🙂 I mean, these brushes will surely serve it’s purpose even if it’ll be just a matter of time. So, I still and will always recommend these brushes to beginners like me 🙂
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2 thoughts on “A Review: Dashe Cosmetics 17-pc Professional Make-up Brushes

  1. Just saw this a while ago (Zalora). I thought of purchasing this but i opted to research first before buying and then i saw this review of yours. Anyway if it does has unberable hair fall money is just a waste. I would rather re-purchase brands with a 3k mark up. And i suggest beginners to buy a much higher priced makeup brushes because as this is affordable and with lots of hair bristles that fall then you will be obliged to buy another set ending it will be more expensive and not friendly on the pocket. Now my question hehehe did the hair fall from the brushes stopped if yes then i might buy this one. Did the brushes' bristles got thinner? Please reply your answer will make me decide to purchase this or not, Thankyou and More Power


  2. Hi Jen!

    I rarely use this brush set (only on major make-up makeovers like special occasions) since I too am afraid that they will go bald sooner, but yes, every time I use it, hair fall happens. But so far, the brushes still look the same to me, in terms of thickness of bristles. But I take it back, this would be great for personal use only. If you feel like going pro, I would suggest the Charm 21-pc Professional Brush Set P3,450, the same with Suesh is P3,500.


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