Same skirt

Lol! As the title suggests, this was the same skirt that I wore to the post before this 😛 Lemme explain by telling you guys (before you judge me) that there is nothing wrong with wearing something the 2nd time (at most) :)) So yeah, this was Josel’s last night in Dubai.. Her flight is early the next morning back to Manila 🙂
We had dinner at IHOP and it was our first time.. we didn’t really know what to expect. But there are only two things that I have to say about IHOP.. Breakfast meals is definitely good at dinner; and I am definitely coming back to taste all the other meals!
Clockwise: 1. IHOP “Anytime”; 2. Big Steak Omelette (mine); 3. Sirloin Steak Tips Dinner ; 4. Country Fried Steak & 
Anyway, here’s my outfit for that night! 🙂
Since it was just a dinner night out with the family, I wore something lazy, of course! Since MOE is also near to our house 🙂
Lovin’ my hair! 🙂
DIY Fringe Top from New Look
Forever 21 Skirt
Random Online Shop Necklace
Shot by: Josel 😉
Definitely can’t wait for Josel to come back for Winter Break! 🙂

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