Got a GILTy pleasure?

Hello guys! I’m back 🙂 It’s been more than a week that I haven’t posted anything new because I was busy with work for the past week and I thank God that today’s a holiday so I can catch up with my blogging and other hobbies of mine! Anyway, I have been in Abu Dhabi for a week because our company participated in ADIPEC 2012 which was an exhibition featuring the world’s top Oil and Gas companies 🙂 All of us went there to man our really huge stall hence the lack of posts! 

Oh well, I am just thankful for the long weekend, 3 days to rest and do whatever 😉
Anyway, while I was in Abu Dhabi, I was BBM-ing with Mama one night when in a sudden, she told me that she just received a package from aramex that was addressed to me. For about 3 weeks now, I’ve only been waiting for one particular package, which were the items that I bought online. But then again, this was different. Even Mama was confused because with the small package, she was sure that this wasn’t the ones I ordered online!
So I had her open the package and sent me a photo in BBM and finally, it have arrived. I actually received an email about a month ago asking me if I wanted gold right at my fingertips. Thought it was a joke a first but yeah, it wasn’t so I went ahead and gave my shipping address! LOL
As soon as I arrived last night, I asked for this and it was so pretty and cool. Like hello, gold.. Literally at your fingertips. Teehee

This package consisted of the world’s first ever, Limited Edition 18 karat real gold flake top coat from Zoya Nail Polish. Along with it is this haute set that features a complimentary duo of “Raven” black and “Purity” white base colours can glam up any outfit, at any time of the day!
gilt /gilt
Adjective: Covered thinly with gold leaf or gold paint. 
Noun: Gold leaf or gold paint applied in a thin layer to a surface.

And because it is yet another season and time of the year, Zoya Nail Polish introduces to us its ORNATE collection to amp your winter style this 2012!
Adorn your nails with six fabulous ornate jewel tone colours:
Blaze: Cranberry Glitter Glam Crystal
Electra: Holography Tinsel Special Effect
Ziv: Gold Foil Glitter Crystal
Storm: Black with Multi Colour Crystal Shimmer
Aurora: Plum with Multi Colour Crystal Shimmer
Logan: Green Foil Glitter Crystal 

ORNATE – 2012 Winter Collection by Zoya Nail Polish 
Now who needs jewellery when gold is already glistening at your fingertips? 😉
More about this in the next posts!