Addicted to: Sunnies

I’m not the kind of person who’ll think of myself as someone who actually “collects” things. I mean, if I like something and it’s affordable and I know enough that I will use it, I buy it. Think of me as a compulsive buyer, but I know for a fact that just is only 50% true! I believe I still am practical in a way or two!
So, let me share to you guys my collection of sunnies! ๐Ÿ™‚
Whenever I drop by Forever 21, H&M and New Look, I will definitely browse their accessory lines first and just try on almost every style of sunnies that they have, after knowing it suits my face, then check the price, and if its reasonable, try to remember if I already have something similar, if not yet.. Boom! Run in to the check out counter! And below is the result of all that madness, haha!

Left Side
Local Department Store Cat’s Eye Frame, New Look Clubmaster, Koton Oversized Butterfly Frame, Forever 21 Retro, H&M Retro
Right Side
Splash Aviators, Local Department Store Rectangle Framed, Forever 21 Oversized Square Framed, Splash Retro Round Frame, New Look Retro

But of course, my Ray Bans would be in a seperate photo! LOL
L-R: Round Metal, Eyeglasses, Aviators
Well, what can I say? I really am a sucker for sunnies! ๐Ÿ™‚

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