LOOKBOOK: Leather and Prints

Hello guys! I am so back with a proper outfit post 🙂 I wore this to our Friday Family Day at Global Village. It was Josel’s last day/night in town so we decided to just walk around Global Village, which Dubai is also know for 🙂
Before I actually describe to you more of this outfit, I apologize for such a fail sleeve that’s showing in my left hand. Haha! I haven’t even noticed that not just until now as I uploaded the photos! Anyway, other than that, I love how the colors in this outfit complimented each other 🙂
Splash Fashions Leather Jacket + Forever 21 Knitted Top (Inside)
The outfit that I’m wearing here was actually perfect too as of course, it is winter here in Dubai and it gets really cold and chilly at night most especially in Global Village since it is an open space.  I also love how I was able to come up with the outfit giving me a bad girl/biker girl look!
Leather Jacket + Printed Tight Bottoms + Combat Boots = PERFECT
New Look Printed Leggings + Combat Boots
Don’t you just love the print and color of my leggings? Good thing this was on sale at New Look and this would be the second time that I wore it (first was in Paris). Most especially, I love how it suited my red leather jacket, which in fact, I also bought on sale!
Mango Sling/Hand Bag
If there’s actually one thing that you must know about me and my shopping habits, is that I only buy clothes and shoes and other accessories that are on sale. Because one time that I bought something at a regular (only because I just got my pay and thought of rewarding myself) price, just a month or two after I bought it, it was already down by 50%! I then told myself that never again will I buy anything in its regular price, unless of course, its regular price is worthy enough already.
Hope you guys like this because I have more in-stored for you!