FASHTIPS: Valentine’s Day

This February, we all know it’s the Love Month and at the same time, season of Proms! 🙂
But since Valentine’s Day is a more appropriate occasion for me, I’ll be doing at least 2 posts giving tips on what to wear and even where to go! 
I. A Stroll in the Park
Spending Valentine’s Day in the park may not be considered much because of today’s modernity. Most will consider to go on dates at the mall and even intimate dinners at 5-star hotels. But what people don’t realize is that it is more sweet and thoughtful and you can bond more with your loved one/s at the park! Just imagine and think of the romantic movies you usually see, those romantic cliche scenes at the park!
What to wear: Something comfy and light!
Because there will be a lot of movement in the park with the many activities it can provide, something comfy and light is appropriate! Therefore the short jumpsuit, and flats! Since parks can get really warm and sunny, a hat and sunglasses is perfect enough to accessorize yourself!
II. Movie Date
The most common way to spend Vday with your partner (which I admit how boyfie and I will be spending Vday) are at movie houses watching chick flick romantic movies or those really serious ones 😛
What to wear: Something casual and chic!
Well, obviously.. You want to be in something casual yet simple and chic. A pair of colored jeans, loose top and flats is the most appropriate. Simple yet there’s a pop of color, and accessorize to make the outfit more fun!
III. Intimate Dinner
If you and your partner prefer something intimate by having dinner at some fancy restaurant around the metro.
What to wear: Something elegant and classy!
Since we’re talking about elegant and classy, 2 colors can only come to mind: Red and/or Black. Well, only because these colors are more appropriate for an evening look, but White and/or Cream will do too. As for my sample look below, an LBD would be great too, to pair up with all the accessories shown below.
Can’t wait to dress up for V-day!
How about you? Are you excited for Valentine’s Day?

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