Hello everyone! Posting yet another fashion inspiration post, and this time.. it’s my forever favourite VS Angel Miranda Kerr. Mostly known and seen in hot VS lingerie, Kerr has got to be one of those on top of my list whose style always remains an inspiration. Not only with her style do I adore her, but even her bubbly personality!

Having awesome sexy and flawless legs surely i worth bragging to the world!! LOL

So, who said celebrities can’t sport and be super fashionable in flats and skinny jeans? LOL 
Miranda Kerr is definitely working it! 🙂 And how adorable is the puppy!!

How I love these prints on her!! :”>

Oh, and if ever I do become a mom in the future, I would definitely want to be just like her!! 
Sexy, classy, fashionable and youthful! Now tell me what’s not to love about her, right? 🙂

Miranda Kerr looking as classy as ever in pencil skirts and stilettos, with a hint of coolness as she let’s her hair down!
What I love most about her style is that he’s not very limited to it. Having to have this model image, we are fully aware that she can definitely sport any look. She can be the grunge street chic to the ever so classy and elegant Madam. And by what I see in her style, comfort is definitely the key. Even with a regular day with your son, running errands here and there, heels is a yes and by the looks of it, as long as it is comfortable of course! 
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