iSTYLE with Benetton: Sexy Prints

In my recent post, I have mentioned that I’ll be posting 3 installments of my Style Feature Project with Benetton UAE. And now, let me share Part 2 with you all!

I must say that out of the 3 outfits that I have come up with, this is by far the simplest yet my most favourite. I admit, I am in love with this dress that I plan to buy it when I get back to the store 🙂 – Wasn’t able to buy it the last time because I’m waiting to shop with my sister. The fit is just perfect for me and I feel oh so sexy wearing this style of dress and with the print, it’s just perfect!

The animal print is definitely familiar and I must say that I love it’s monochromatic colours! 

P.S. Again I apologize for I don’t have perfect skin and the heels were hella big for me 😦
Dress and Heels: United Colours of Benetton
Bracelet: Aldo; Watch: Coach

Hope you like it!
Check out more by visiting their outlets all over the UAE 🙂