iSTYLE with Benetton: Blue Waves

Happy Thursday everyone!! 🙂 Now are you ready with my last installment from my styling stint at Benetton, The Dubai Mall? Went a little corporate again with this outfit since I am this frustrated stylish working girl, who doesn’t really dress the way she wants to at work, lol.

To describe my outfit, well, I have been eyeing this blazer ever since because of how divinely white it looks. Haha. It’s so white that you wouldn’t actually want to wear it because of it’s clean clean look. But then it got me thinking that I might as well still get it for myself because it fits my body perfectly and it will be perfect for work! And yes, ever since I started working, for every clothes I intend to buy, I think first whether I can wear it at work or even just a day out with the girls.

Just a little fact though, you see the white flats I’m wearing above? That’s from the Kids’ section by the way! It’s no secret how tiny my feet are, so don’t be surprised if you’ll see me in Kids’ shoes designs and styles! Haha.

I’ll admit, I am in love with most pieces from Benetton!! And yes yes yes, I am in love with the pieces I’m wearing here! I love it that I actually bought this dress the last time I went there. But of course, I had to get it in my favourite color, a combination of pink and purple.

3 looks for my Style Feature with Benetton and I seek for more!! Their collections are just fab! They may not be your typical street style fashion but they definitely go for the prim and proper. Statement pieces that is sure to showcase your classy side! Hope you enjoyed this segment dear readers 🙂 And as for Benetton UAE, can’t wait to do more projects with you!!

Dress, Blazer and Flats: United Colours of Benetton
Bracelet: Aldo; Watch: Coach

Hope you like it!
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