TRAVEL: Maldives 2014


You know how they say that Maldives is paradise? Well, I got to see it myself, together with my family and more than anything, we agree 100%.

So we went for this trip without having to think a lot. It was summer time, the family was complete (Papa coming home from an offshore project and Josel’s term break from university) oh it was perfect timing. Talk about perks too, of having to work in the aviation industry where you get big airfare discounts. LOL Anyways, off to the trip!

We spent 4 days and 3 nights in the country and it was definitely enough to get away from the hustle bustle of the city, especially from work. Sandy white beaches, majestic sea blue waters and the beautiful sunsets, oh it was definitely paradise. Not only was the place amazing, but the people as well. The locals were naturally friendly and as you just come across them, surely they’ll have a big smile on their face, and one kid was so welcoming that he hugged mama randomly.

Maldives is a country consisted of different islands referred to as “Atolls”. We stayed in an island called Maafushi and it was a good 25mins speedboat travel from the island of the airport (yes, the airport was in a seperate island). And though travel can be rough due to heavy waves, it was still refreshing with the breeze on your face and you appreciate the beauty of the water.10155556_10152499848418482_6629492322540146179_n

On our 2nd day in Maldives, we moved to a resort island called Fihalholi Island Resort to enjoy more of the beach (with no locals around) and of course, to take photos with the water villas. When I said enjoy the beach with no locals around, Maldives is 100% Islamic country that we should respect them enough to not wear bikinis or anything with too much skin when they’re around, so we can’t really be on the same beach with them if we are.

But anyways, sharing photos below!









Most of the photos were taken by my dad using his DSLR and some, my sister’s iphone or my S4.


Hassan and Safa (together with Marie) took good care of us during our whole stay in Maafushi Island. The ladies would obviously prepare our meals while Hassan would serve as our tour guide and we did learn a lot about the culture and the country because of him. On our third day, we moved to the city of Male and to be honest, nothing much to see in the city. So no photos too, or nothing really `interesting to say the least.

Overall we had an amazing time in Maldives and we were so happy we pushed through with the trip. It was the first for the family to get out of Dubai, that is other than going to Manila which we do yearly. From our Maldives trip, obviously we’re looking forward to more. Hopefully Europe next? Because obviously, we got to collect stamps as USofA is on top of our list as a family to visit. Okay, blabbing already.. better end this post.

This is not a sponsored post but might as well let you guys know:

More travel posts soon 😉