LOOKBOOK: 5 Facts About My OOTDs

Hey everyone! Since I have nothing much to say about my outfit that I’m sharing now, I thought it’d be interesting to just include some facts about how I come up with my OOTDs. And as I post more OOTDs, maybe I’ll share with you things like What you’ll usually find in my closet or Which shops and brands I usually shop in. You know, introducing myself, with my likes and dislikes, kinda thing. Hope you like it!

For this outfit, I wore this to a usual day out with my parents at The Dubai Mall. Many would say it’s our second home because you’ll see us there almost every week! Lol Anyways, just keep reading to find out 5 facts about my OOTDs.

5 Facts About My OOTDs:

  1. I can be the minimalist kind from wearing black, gray and white outfits to making a statement by wearing loud prints.
  2. I despise wearing pants! Yes, from slacks to jeans to leggings. Expect that when I do, I’ll be very uncomfortable! So when I wear my trousers at work, I’d always be fidgeting a lot.
  3. I’m not into accessories, at all. As long as I have my watch on my wrist and a pair dangling earrings, I’m good.
  4. I just cannot wear heels on a daily basis! Like even at work, unless I’m wearing my dress or skirt, and there are no flights to do, that is the only time you will see me in heels. And of course, on special fancy occasions also/only!
  5. I like big tote bags or purses with a lot of space. The kind that I can put a lot of things! Well even if it’s actually quite small, I will try to fit everything. And yeah, I have a lot of baggage, literally speaking.. So what!

Bonus: I know I’m not fit (And I actually have a big tummy) but I honestly feel restless about it but couldn’t care less because somehow I feel confident with my body. I wear what I want (that looks good on me, with the big tummy of course) and when I want it.

Top from Elle (Splash Fashions); Skirt from Forever 21

Michael Kors Selma and watch; Forever 21 earrings

Payless Ballet Flats

So.. Till my next outfit post! Happy Thursday! Enjoy the weekend! ❤


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