The Color Run 2016 – Tropicolor

My first ever Happiest 5K on the Planet experience with The Color Run UAE!

I’ve always wanted to join fun events like these and I never do because my schedule never permits me to do so, either I have work or I have other plans already laid out. So this time around, I made it happen and not only did I enjoy the event but I met two beautiful people (inside and out, that I knew for the longest time online) in person!

We met Poppy and Branch at the event and they were loved by the many kids present, including us who are kids at heart!

Met Genine and Gen at the event! I’ve been interacting with Genine online and she’s just the sweetest! Met them both for the very first time and we all just clicked in an instant, like we’ve known each other forever! We even head out to lunch after the event, it was a hilarious cab ride because of the state we were in and the cab driver just hated us for it LOL

It was indeed the Happiest 5K in the planet! Hope to attend the next season with my closest girls!


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