FITNESS: Yalla Let’s كرنك

Contrary to almost everyone’s (I know) belief, I have actually learned to love the idea of getting out of bed and working out. I have been coming to Crank since October 2018, and I can say that it was Crank who made working out enjoyable and continuously help and inspire me with my fitness goals.

Crank is not your typical place to workout. Their location of choice being Al Serkal Avenue in Al Quoz, Crank aims to be a community for the growing fitness enthusiast in Dubai.

Crank offers three types of classes: RIDE / SHAPE / STRETCH

  1. RIDE – A 45 minutes high-energy indoor cycling full body workout set against booming tracks. Sessions can last a maximum 75 minutes on Wednesday nights for their DJ Live + Team teach rides.
  2. SHAPE – As their website puts it, it’s “An all-encompassing workout combining high intensity interval training and functional movement skills designed to challenge, burn and shape selected muscle groups and boost your overall strength.” A session lasts for 45 minutes accommodating 15 people at a time.
  3. STRETCH – To ensure balance on your fitness routine, sessions are designed to aid muscle recovery, reduce the risk of injury, and enhance your performance. It’s very helpful to add Stretch to your routine at least once a week! It’s a perfect double up pair to your intense RIDE or SHAPE class.

You are definitely in for a ride once you enter the RIDE room at CRANK. The neon lights, and the roaring sound of the music, combined with the riders’ energy is what makes the ride worthwhile. Just a fact, every single time I ride, it tests my strength physically and mentally. Every session, I think of quitting halfway, but since I train my mind to be stronger than my body, my body follows when I remind myself why I’m there, at that moment. Your mind is stronger than your body, if you think you can do it, YOU WILL DO IT.

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Below is the black room where my favourite kind of torture happens. I always say that I’m a HIIT kind of girl, as I enjoy AMRAPs and strength workout rather than most who enjoys cardio. And trust me, CRANK instructors have no mercy when it comes to these strength workout. It’s effective because you move and no matter how hard you think the exercises can be, you will be able to do it as every movement can be adjusted to any level as long as you keep moving.

What I love most about Crank are the people behind it. The instructors are fun, energetic, and inspiring. They push you to your limits, and all they need is 45 minutes to make a legend out of you. All you got to do is to “come with an open mind and let yourself get lost in the beat.”

Btw, I have created an Instagram dedicated to my fitness journey. Hope you can follow and support @anna_fit_dxb.

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I almost forgot, CRANK has a station with the yummiest post-workout smoothies. My favourites are Cranky Panky, and Grendizer with peanut butter! They also offer snacks from Protein Bakeshop and recently added coffee to help you energize, and protein ice popsicles since summer is around the corner in Dubai.


To end this post, you can take my word for it. Crank is a life changer! It has changed my life in ways I never thought of. Other than a fun and fit community, Crank fulfills its promise to change the game and continuously challenge its members. So if you ever think of trying Crank and want to see a familiar face, hit me up! I promise you, no matter what your threshold for fitness or activity is, Crank adjusts and it will be the best thing ever!

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