BEAUTY: Hair Journey (2020 — Part 1)

I have been wanting to dye my hair crazy colours for a long time now but since I have worked a job with strict grooming standards for 5 years, I never wanted to pass the opportunity as I have now left that job. So even though I’m almost 30 and it may seem like I’m going through a mid-life crisis, trust me, this is me having fun while I can!

Yes, you can call this a hair journey because you wouldn’t believe how much I’ve coloured my hair in a span of 5 months — from January until date! And part 1 because I obviously plan to try other crazy colours and style.

So here goes..

January to February 2020 — Honey Blond Hair

Getting your hair bleached by a professional by spending at least 8 hours at the salon to lift your hair a few shades lighter is a pain as it is. But imagine doing it yourself, with whatever info google provides as well as watching videos on youtube — from diy bleach fails to successful ones, as well as Hairdresser Reacts videos (Hi Brad Mondo!)

Anyway, for this hair colour, I achieved it after bleaching it twice, on separate occasions! It may look good.. but trust me, patches everywhere!! Anyway, it turned out like this because my hair wasn’t that light yet, and I toned it with the Wella T18, so it was a bit orange still.

After 2 sessions of bleach
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LOOKBOOK: Something Familiar

Finally I am back after two weeks of being on hiatus. A lot has been going on lately and my sister is also back for 3 months summer break from Uni that’s why I’ve been occupied these past weeks. But anyways, I am very happy to be back with a new #OOTD post.

This outfit is actually something similar to what wore a few months back. Well what can I say, I am in love with black and this kimono from H&M will forever be a favourite.

Forever 21 (romper worn as) Top; Splash Fashions Leatherette Skirt; H&M Kimono

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Ombré Hair II + Outfit Post

This is part II because I somehow achieved the ombre hair accidentally here when my hair got matampuhin because not all of the color was absorbed 😦 But anyway, here’s a better version of the Ombre!
Well, I was supposed to dye it red in time for my trip to Paris but I guess I just didn’t risk it since it might just go dark and I won’t be happy with the result. So I decided to leave it as it is and I was right to do so 🙂
+ Outfit Post

New Look Top

Forever 21 Skirt
Tita’s Gift Bag
ICONIC Necklace
This was Josel’s second last night in Dubai and we headed to Mirdif City Center, and may I quote “My favourite mall next to Dubai Mall.” She did more shopping and had dinner at UNO Grill 🙂
Anyway, let me show you guys her Ombre’d hair too and her outfit! 😀
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What more can I say? We really are sisters 😉
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