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Who said you can’t buy anything that is of a practical price also having to consider the quality of the products right? Well, as MANELS celebrate their anniversary, they give to you the BIGGEST OFFER!

So today until the 17th of July, there will be a 50% OFF on all items and all branches of MANELS Nationwide. You can also get a total of 55% discount if you were to purchase 5 items or more! Now tell me who’s not giddy about that?
MANELS offer high quality leather goods, bags or shoes.. that at the same time, they are very much stylish and comfortable! As most of us would remember, MANELS have totally changed its image as it they don’t just offer simple black leather shoes for school and/or office, now they have a wider range of style and designs in their products.
Now, let me show you what amazing goodies MANELS has to offer that will truly catch your attention and add up to the giddy-ness that you already feel now! 🙂

My first love would be these animal print flats and bag!! Well.. Lately, I would be more attracted if tops or bottoms or bags are on animal prints! Even my sunnies are so you can’t blame me for loving this one!

Well, if you’re into bohemian style.. These bags are perfect for you!! Don’t you just love the details and colors in the bags? And if you’d ask me, I would choose the one on the left!

But of course, simplicity is perfection! I simply love the color of this bag and it’s perfect for work!!
Peep Toe heels that will certainly make your outfit!!

And of course, who said men can’t be stylish as the women? MANELS also has a wide range of style for the men!
You can also be a part of MANELS Nation where they feature the best styles from YOU!
Get featured in their page and store collaterals when you pose with your MANELS items. They feature bloggers, and stylists weekly!! You can post your looks on (tag MANELS) and/or their Facebook Page!
MANELS NATION starts with YOU!

So if I were you guys, I would head off to the nearest MANELS branch and grab these items that I just posted! Well unlucky enough for me, I’m in Dubai so I’ll just check ’em out when I get back and I’m sure by that time, MANELS would have so much more to offer!!
xx, Anna
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P.S. Photos grabbed from Ms. Ava Te of ArtsyFartsyAva

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