The Happy List


So as I have been quiet this past 2 months, let me share with you (in points) what I have been upto. Obviously, there have been a lot of events that have happened that made me the happiest and I would love nothing but to share it with you, person taking the time to read my random blabbers, LOL

  1. Peter Pan: The Never Ending Story (10 Mar)
  2. Birthday Celebrations – The Irish Village with friends (13 Mar) & Church + Hard Rock Cafe with Mama and Joel (14 Mar)
  3. Passing the final road test on my 2nd take (17 Mar) and getting my license (20 Mar)
  4. 3 months with my love (22 Mar) & Real Techniques brushes on the mail (same day)
  5. The whole month of April with Joel (esp our 4th month together, 2 movies in a row – Divergent + Captain America) coz it’s been more than a month since we went on a movie date (that time).
  6. Family complete + goodies & gifts from the Philippines (Esp the styLIZed book and Happy Skin Cosmetics!)
  7. Finally got to try Chatime
  8. Our usual movie + iHop date – with Joel and Josel
  9. First out of the country trip with the family – the beautiful islands in Maldives (10-13 May)
  10. The best date ever with Joel to celebrate our 5th month together (21 May)

Oh how I missed blabbering and hoping it’d make sense. Until my next post!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

The Happy List: One dnata

The Happy List – One dnata

  1. The Aviation Industry – The Emirates Group that is
  2. Getting to meet new people for a living
  3. To plan which country to visit next
  4. Having to pay banks a visit and inquire of their services
  5. Hiding in the toilet to have a sip of your drink
  6. Uniforms
  7. To be passionate about anything
  8. The kindness of strangers
  9. Double pay for training on Eid Holidays