LOOKBOOK: Forever Twenty-one

First thing is first, as the title suggests, you somehow have a gist. For everyone’s information, this post is in no way sponsored by Forever 21 but yes, the whole outfit is from Forever 21.

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LOOKBOOK: Halfway through my 20s

So I am officially halfway through my 20s and I am very excited of what life has to offer! I mean, I may not have figured out much at this age but I guess as long as I’m living and surviving, I’ll be fine.. Lol!

Anyways, what I wore to celebrate my 25th!

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Anyone missed me? So I’ve been MIA again and I have no excuse as to why. So let’s just put that aside because I am just stoked to be back with a new outfit post! ☺️

As the title suggests, I am so sure that you know which fashion brand the #AsSeenOnMe is! This is a well known online store and many have gone gaga for it, and of course that includes me. It’s my first time to actually shop online from ASOS and they have assured me that it won’t be my last as well! Although it took time to reach me, It made me so happy that it was hassle-free!
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