LOOKBOOK: The blues

So as promised, I am back with a new outfit post! What I wore to another shopping bonding moment with my mom and my sister. You ask where? Well where else, The Dubai Mall 😊

About the dress, it’s actually the first time I wore this dress and it was like love at first sight! Unlike most love, this dress and I worked out perfectly! And I’m also wearing my Limecrime Velvetine in Wicked which I love so much and a current favorite!!

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LOOKBOOK: 5 Facts About My OOTDs

Hey everyone! Since I have nothing much to say about my outfit that I’m sharing now, I thought it’d be interesting to just include some facts about how I come up with my OOTDs. And as I post more OOTDs, maybe I’ll share with you things like What you’ll usually find in my closet or Which shops and brands I usually shop in. You know, introducing myself, with my likes and dislikes, kinda thing. Hope you like it!

For this outfit, I wore this to a usual day out with my parents at The Dubai Mall. Many would say it’s our second home because you’ll see us there almost every week! Lol Anyways, just keep reading to find out 5 facts about my OOTDs.

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LOOKBOOK: Furious 7

What I wore to watch #Furious7 with my parents at Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall.


The movie didn’t really disappoint with its usual action and death defying car stunts so it’s definitely a two thumbs up for me! And I’m sure by now millions of fans have watched it already so no need reminding from me.

But of course we all know about Paul Walker.. I bet a lot of fans have shed tears towards the ending when they showed scenes of him from the first movies of Fast & Furious. Who could ever forget him as Bryan O’Conner? Well watching Furious 7 just makes him so alive and Fast & Furious will definitely never be the same without him.

Forever 21 top, skirt and earrings

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